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Federica Manfredi

Art Director


Drawing as an art & passion

Ever since she could hold a pencil in her hand, Federica has been drawing. Both what is on her mind and what she sees around her. She was only two years old when she drew something on the kitchen table. Eight years later, thanks to her mother, she remembered that what she was trying to draw then, was the head of a cat… How did she go from that first kitten to our beautiful adult cat, Gatto?

Drawing became her job shortly after high school. Federica specialized in comics, as she loves to tell stories and create characters. But she also creates illustrations, models, animation, some graphics, and storyboards, which she particularly enjoys.

She started through comic magazines and books, which she self-produced (Indy Press, with Magenta, Liberty with Quietearth). Later on, Federica was commissioned by Italian comic book publishers such as Universo Publishing, the Star Comics, the Aurea Editoriale, the Rainbow, before working for American publishers since 2004, such as Marvel, Dark Horse, IDW, Take Two Interactive, Tokyopop, Chapter House, Awa Studios and Scout Comics ...

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