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Interactive Entertainment Content

Triality Content is revolutionizing the world of fiction by bringing to life characters that exist inside a parallel world, where they act as a regular person would, in our own world. The public will discover them through a variety of entertainment contents and will share their lives, as they themselves also become a part of the community of the Triality World.

Here is the journey that the characters will go through, as they are born and gain popularity 

Social Media

All of our seed branded characters will start their lives on social media. They will always be seen AS A CHARACTER / NEVER as the actor/actress who will be playing the role. 


Once the character has gained enough popularity, he then moves on to a first series of podcasts. The theme will be based on the position that they hold inside the Triality World.

Live Storytelling

Following a successful podcast, the character will start telling their stories through oline sessions of live storytelling.

TV Series/Film

The ultimate step is to prepare the character for the main event: His appearance in the TV series or film that he was created for.

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