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Kristin Greiner

Executive Producer


Worked with the Majors

For over two decades Kristin has been Marketing Director at The Walt Disney Company and at Warner Bros in Germany, USA and Italy.

She oversaw the Marketing and Publicity Campaigns of more than 300 movies, including some of the highest grossing Films and Franchises in the last 20 years such as The Lion King, Toy Story, Cars, Pirates of the Carribean, Alice in Wonderland, Gravity, The Hobbit Trilogy, Batmans vs Superman and more.

Kristin has been working with top-level Talent and Filmmakers, with Media and Brands, with key players in the entertainment business. She was lucky enough to build her professional life around her big passion…cinema.

In Triality, Kristin can be counted on for her international background, for her experience in managing complex projects on large scale dealing with any kind of stakeholders so to bring her extensive know-how of the film industry to accelerate the business.

Image by Myke Simon
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