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Luc JG Bégin

Founder & President


3 years around the world

There is a price to everything. In Luc’s case, it was the cost of building Triality, country per country. In the end the most valuable thing that came out of the process was not the network itself but the knowledge acquired from all the meetings around the world.

Luc personaly met with the people who make audio-visual happen (writers, cinematographers and producers) and also with some of the most important production companies, networks and distributors around the world. This has provided him with invaluable knowledge that only a few people inside the industry have.

Add this to his previous 18 years as a business owner in the promotional industry and you have someone who understands business.


It is all that knowledge which enables Triality to be right on the mark with its offer to the industry and keeps Triality one step ahead for the future.

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