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Luxury Series

The Core of the Triality World

Private Pool

Il Consigliere

Drama / Thriller

Luc JG Bégin / Katie Torpey 

A consultant and his protégée solve the problems of the 26 richest families, while they are under attack by an extreme left movement.

Languages: English (+ language of the episode's country)

Countries: Shot in 12 different countries (1 per episode)

Episodes: 13 x 50 minutes​

The Concierges

Comedy / Drama / Thriller

Simon Warne / Luc JG Bégin / Selene Favuzzi

The Secret Elite handling the Elite's Secrets

Languages: English /

French / Italian

Countries: UK /

France / Italy

Episodes: 8 x 50 minutes

Luxury Valet Service
Fancy Christmas Decorations

Young Lords

Coming-of-age Drama

Simon Warne 

What future do you have when it's already been chosen for you ?

Language: English 

Country: UK 

Episodes: 6 x 50 minutes



Luigi Cutore

The European Fashion industry is not friendly, especially when you are Chinese

Language: English /

French / Italian

Countries: France /


Episodes: 8 x 50 minutes

Fashion Show
Suits hanging on a rack

The Butler


Luc JG Bégin

Can a butler replace the head of one of the 26 richest families?

Languages: English /

French / Arabic

Countries: USA / 

France / UAE

Episodes: 8 x 50 minutes

The House Where We Live

Comedy / Drama

Idea by Luc JG Bégin & Kristin Greiner

Five celibate friends in their 60s decide to go live together, but love has other plans in store for them.

Language: English 

Country: Northern Europe

Episodes: 8 x 50 minutes

Weight Lifting
Paris Immobilier.jpg

Paris Immobilier


Luc JG Bégin

A rising star in real estate finds herself at the heart of envy. Will her powerful friend be enough to help her survive?





Episodes: 8 x 50 minutes

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