Disillusioned by men, a woman kidnaps girls to protect them. She creates a world where they can do whatever they want: The Ama Zone. But the return of her niece, who she lost two decades ago, and her beau, threatens to tear the house down.

Language: English

Country: Bulgaria

Length: 90 minutes

Writers: Alfredo Arciero /

Enrico Caroti Ghelli

Composer: Luigi Maiello

Lyrics: Luc JG Bégin &

Selene Favuzzi


Co-production companies:

Timeless Productions

A Rock'n'roll Musical Fantasy



The grass is always greener on your neighbour's lawn. Or is it ?

Musical Comedy

Languages: English / Spanish

Countries: USA / Cuba

Length: 90 minutes

Writers: Luc JG Bégin / Chris Leeson

Based on an original idea by: Luc JG Bégin and Selene Favuzzi

Script Editor: Pablo Barrera

Director: Jaime Escalon


Co-production companies:

Lemonade Pictures



A couple holiday in Venice and learn lessons in love from the women behind the world's greatest lover.


Languages: English / Italian

Country: Italy

Length: 100 minutes

Writers: Simon Warne /

Ken Murray




A talented young stylist dreaming of fame and fortune, and a small-time gangster on the run trade places on a train to Paris. Crime, soubrettes, shootouts, stolen jewels and standing ovations will ensue in this visually stunning musical.


Languages: French, Italian and English 

Countries: Italy, France, UK 

Length: 120 minutes

Screenwriter: Simone Nardini




Brought together by music, separated by the US/Mexican border, a young couple battle
rumour and jealousy to keep their love alive.


Languages: English and Spanish 

Countries: Mexico and USA 

Length: 120 minutes

Screenwriter: Oscar Moreno



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