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Alfredo Arciero: New Head Writer for Italy

Triality Productions is happy to announce the appointment of Alfredo Arciero as Head Writer for Italy.

Alfredo has been part of the Italian team since its inception in the Spring of 2018. Since then, he has been working, as a co-writer, on a Musical called The Ama Zone in collaboration with Enrico Carotti Ghelli.

He will be responsible for overviewing the creation of scripts in Italy under the supervision of Simon Warne, the International Director of Screenwriters. He will also take part in our international projects for all the scripts which will have some Italian elements involved.

Alfredo's experience includes working as a writer on many TV Series such as Don Matteo and Squadra Antimafia - Palermo Oggi. He also co-wrote and directed the movie Il Viaggio in 2017.

He will be replacing Selene Favuzzi who was the Head Writer in Italy since March 2018.

The whole Management Team extends its most sincere congratulations to Alfredo and we wish him the best and a long journey inside Triality.


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