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An Update on Triality V-2019

For the last 9 months, we have been so busy at Triality that we have not taken any time to communicate on this year's achievements. But as 2019 is slowly fading away, it’s time for us to update you on what has been going on inside Triality this year or, as we like say: Triality Version 2019.

Building the First Ever International Production Network (IPN)

In 2019, Triality reach a new stage in its development and started building the first ever International Production Network (IPN). The purpose of this IPN is to produce international content by bringing inside the same network every kind of company: productions and post-production companies, VFX studios, schools, branding agencies, brands, etc.

In 2019, our Sales Team, Luc JG Bégin and Selene Favuzzi, Head of Development, started to look for companies to add into Triality’s IPN. Triality has then entered into relationships with Lupin Film (production company), Videa Studio (film studio, production and distribution company), Proxima Milano (post-production studio) and MTS—Musical! The School (Musical school) to name but a few of the companies that will collaborate inside Triality's IPN in Italy.

First brand in Triality’s IPN

Triality’s IPN brings together all the stakeholders of the audio-visual industry but also branding agencies and brands looking for new ways to promote themselves. By making these companies a part of the network instead of "outside looking-in", Triality modifies the production chains and augments its capacity to empathize with the viewer thanks to the unique view that brands and brand agencies possess.

It is such an important part of what the IPN will be that the managing team worked on the preparation for months. At the end of Summer, thanks to its Fashion Branding Specialist, Triality was proud to welcome the first brand inside the network and a second one will soon follow before the end of November. In order to maximize the impact of the branding campaigns, brands will nit be unveiled until we launch the campaigns / series with them.

A first collaboration with the Endemol Shine group

In 2019, our sales team met with both branches of Endemol in Italy in Rome and Milan. A strong relationship was formed which led to a first collaboration project which they are currently developing / presenting with Yam 112003 in Milan. This collaboration into branded content promises to be only the beginning of a great relationship.

After working for months on a completely new way to develop and produce branded content, Triality's sales team quickly realized the need for such type of content in various communication companies inside Italy.

Since then, they have developed two more branded content which are in waiting with different partners to be moved along and co-produced locally and internationally.

Movies and TV Shows Going Into Pre-production

If Triality is slowly but surely making a significant change in the branded content world, it has not forgotten that it's first objective was to produce quality international movies and TV shows. Two of our Luxury Series - Il Consigliere and The Concierges - will soon be moving into pre-production (beginning of 2020) as we are finalizing agreements with some co-production companies in Italy, France, the UK, the Netherlands, Belgium, Korea, Poland and Colombia.

Another important Triality project is our Musical Series. The Ama Zone will soon get into the first steps of pre-production as will be recording its first song in studio before the end of 2019. Another huge step for Triality that couldn’t have been done without the help of its International Production Network, especially MTS - The Musical School, a company ran by Simone Nardini, a professional like no other in this business.

Finally, a second musical project is also in development as it has found a Canadian co-production this Summer. The project is called La Cubana and you’ll soon hear a lot more about it on this blog.

There are other productions on the verge of launching and we'll keep you updated on their development as they come along.

A Newcomer in Triality’s Managing Team: David Gaillard, Communication Manager

As Triality grew faster and faster this year, its managing team welcomed a new member in David Gaillard. He met Luc JG Bégin in 2016 and they have been collaborating together ever since. They helped each other on various projects and David even took part in the managing team meeting last January in Sicily.

Throughout 2019, he helped Simon Warne to manage the scripts development inside Triality. He was finally officially appointed Communication Manager last September. He has since worked closely with Luc JG Bégin to help him continuing to build the International Production Network and reach new producers, production companies, schools, brands, etc. as Selene Favuzzi had to take a leave of absence as Head of Development.

Triality’s Specialists: The Strength of the IPN

Since Triality aims at nothing less than to revolutionize the audiovisual production industry, it went looking for specialists with experience. These specialists are well-known professionals from various sectors inside and outside the audiovisual industry. Thanks to them, the company has been able to grow even faster than anyone had imagined. You'll get to meet them soon and learn so much more about Triality's growth in the days to come so, stay tuned!

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