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Building Triality Sicily: Meetings in Palermo on July 17 & 18

Triality Productions has decided to create a division in Sicily which will become the heart of the network.

On July 17 and 18, Luc JG Bégin, Founder & President of Triality Productions, will be holding meetings with various members of the cinema industry in Sicily.

The goal is to create a new division which will become the center of the creation process in Triality. To do so, Triality will add to its teams: directors, cinematographers, screenwriters, composers, editors, sound engineers as well as other technicians and individuals part of the creative process.

They will be called upon to participate in the preparation of the various Triality projects as well as the documentary on "The Triality". It will also be the members of Triality Sicily, led by its Founder, which will take over on emergency projects or special programs.

Sicily is the perfect example of what Triality is about: A large family, looking out for each other while growing and solidifying its base and its achievements.

The first objective of the division will be to lead the rest of the international network, and its 14 divisions, by giving the example to follow, which is: To each do our job.


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