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“Do Your Job”: a motto that made Triality what it is

Triality is an innovative worldwide collaborative network; a one of a kind. Thus, it had to invent new ways of doing things in order to achieve its goals. That is why the strength within Triality is mainly due to one simple rule, tirelessly repeated by Luc JG Bégin: “Do Your Job”. In an organization as innovative as a collaborative network like Triality, this motto has quickly become one of the foundations of its successes.

The requirements of a collaborative network

A collaborative network is not a classic network and its specificities must be known and understood for each member to find its right place inside.

A classic network relies on the exchange of information between its members. A coordinated network adds to these exchanges a common goal that allows members to align their activities, in a chosen direction. And a cooperative network creates compatible goals on which members work separately.

A collaborative network brings together all the elements of these three types of network, but it gives its members joint goals and a joint identity. While they remain separate entities, they unite under a single banner to carry out certain projects and achieve commonly agreed objectives. That’s why every member must do his job.

“Do Your Job”: the best way for a group to reach its goals

If “Do Your Job” is the motto of Triality, it’s not just a matter of corporate identity or storytelling. This motto is deeply rooted in the DNA of Triality and its collaborative network.

For its members, this doesn't mean more work to do; it only means do it right. It also allows them to have more responsibility in decision-making on their part of the work. Above all, each and everyone doing his job is the key to success for all partners involved in the project.

As a group, you’re only as weak as the parts that are not doing their job. In our case, everyone involved in a given project is specialized in one thing. That thing can be producing, post-production, casting talents, etc., or participating in creating great characters through seed branding as well as financing the projects as they come along. As long as each participant does its job, without worrying about what the others will do next (that is Triality’s job), then all productions will be successful.

Do Your Job: Three simple words that make all the difference inside a collaborative network. Then again, the easy answer to the question, why Triality chose “do your job” is: Because that’s what we do.

The “Next Man Up” Mentality

One of Triality’s main strength is believing in the team and putting the work first and knowing that in the end, everyone will be rewarded fairly for his work. Just like in a living organism, Triality’s members know what they have to do on a specific project before passing it to the next team. “Do Your Job” implies that the work must be done, one way or another. That’s where the “next man up” mentality becomes so crucial.

By trusting the process, knowing that whoever is responsible for the next step will make sure it is handled as it should be before passing it along to the next one, each can focus on their part inside the project without leaving their safety zone and therefore provide their best (their knowledge, experience, etc.) to the project.

By following these steps, all projects will become more efficient, better built and will come with a guarantee of quality.


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