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Entertainment vs Corporate

Triality was first built on the idea that it was meant to become the Airbnb of the audio-visual industry. Three years later and after gaining information on what was really needed, by traveling the world and meeting the various players of the industry, we are moving away from that premise as we focus more on being a cross-barrier company between entertainment and corporate.

The Cross-Barrier Element: A common thread in all our creations

Whether we create fiction, branded content or formats, you can always find a little bit of both the entertainment world and the corporate world inside our scripts. Like our characters, we have let Triality grow-up to its full potential. How do you do that? By looking at your qualities and developing them to their full potential.

In Triality, our main strength has always been the capacity to create fiction through our 70+ screenwriters. But if you take a closer look at the cinematographers inside our network, you will notice that a lot of them are from the advertising world. As we were building, it became clear that this particular mix was to become an important part of Triality.

Branded Entertainment

But it's only last January, after our first Management meeting, that it started to become clear of what we had collected in our path. We had all the elements necessary to create branded entertainment, especially with a Sales Team more knowledgeable in corporate than entertainment. As we built our 2019 plan, it was evident that the development of the company was heading in that direction. When we finally got our boots on the ground, it became even more so.

First, we took the scripts we had developed and created a world where all its characters could be moved from one production to another. Then, we literally invented new ways of branding these scripts and went out to find the right persons to make the connections between our world and the other ones (fashion, music, etc.).

Going back to Corporate

And now, as we are preparing 2020, we are going back to our roots by reaching out to corporations, to help them create their own branded entertainment. By letting our scriptwriters build stories around their company / brand, our clients will reach a much wider audience as it has been proven that this is what the public (i.e.: their potential clients) want.

As for the Airbnb concept in the original vision of our Founder, it's not forgotten... just postponed and being prepared in a much slicker and efficient way than the original version. You'll have to stay tune for more on the subject!


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