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How screenwriters work inside Triality's International Production Network

Everyone involved in creating television series or films has to be a team player, able to share their skill with the group and enjoy the input of others. At Triality our collaborators are all people who want to have fun, while producing the best possible projects they can.

Why screenwriters are the core element of all Triality projects ?

Screenwriters are first to bring their skills to the group, as they develop ideas into outlines and treatments, and then to a screenplay.

The script is everything - if it grabs the attention of production companies, inspires directors and cinematographers, and attracts acting talent, then it’s an exciting time for everyone involved. For the project to have the best chance of success, everyone has to do their job - starting with the screenwriter.

What do we expect from Triality’s screenwriters ?

At Triality, when we meet writers we ask ourselves three simple questions: Are the writers committed to writing? Can they actually write? Do we like them? (In other words, are we going to have fun working together?)

Within our network we have everything from experienced screenwriters with an impressive list of credits, to new writers who have only recently graduated from film school.

Some have full-time jobs and write in their free time, others spend all their time writing. All are hungry for success and passionate about what they do, giving 100 per cent to their projects.

A commitment to writing can mean different things to different people. Personal circumstances dictate how much time writers have to write.

How do we proceed in our network ?

Every screenwriter must choose a synopsis from Triality’s project database. Key to this commitment, is the screenwriter choosing the right project to develop. Some pick Triality projects in a genre they haven’t tried before, while others pick genres where they have had success.

We encourage all writers to make their cast list as international as possible and, where appropriate, connect them with writers from the countries where their characters are from.

For one of our television projects about hotel concierges, we brought together writers from France, Italy and the UK. Not only did they work as a team to develop a European drama, but they also worked on the characters from their country to ensure they were authentic and credible.

The strength of an international network

Authenticity is important to us at Triality. We want our characters to reflect the countries they come from and speak in their native tongue.

Even though a film or television programme may be written in one language, our screenwriters can translate our scripts into the native tongue of most investors without losing their dramatic quality. That’s one of the benefits of having more than 70 storytellers from around the world, fluent in eleven different languages.

We also have series of individual stories presented under an umbrella concept and title. The diversity of these scripts and the cultures they represent is what makes them interesting. Not all collaborations are with other screenwriters though - we have a slate of musicals developed by teams of writers, lyricists and composers.

At Triality our screenwriters collaborate to create the very best stories we can.

If you’re a screenwriter interested in learning more about Triality, contact Simon Warne at


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