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Il Consigliere, Triality’s first truly international project, is finding partners worldwide

In the last couple of weeks, the development of Triality’s first international TV show: Il Consigliere, has really taken off.

First, it was agreed that Katie Torpey, a talented US screenwriter, would take over as lead writer in collaboration with Luc JG Bégin who will supervise the project in the absence of Selene Favuzzi who co-created the series with Luc. For each episode, a local screenwriter will be added to the team to ensure of the authenticity of the characters as each story will take place in a different country.

Three countries have now been selected for episodes, thanks to co-production partnerships in Belgium, The Netherlands and Korea. Discussions are also currently taking place with Colombia and Poland.

An Ambitious International Project

Il Consigliere is not the first Triality project involving many different countries. However, it is the most ambitious one since Triality is planning on gathering 12 different production companies from 12 different countries, as each episode of the TV show will take place in a different region of the world.

Triality plans to have all production companies on board by February 2020 to then start production by end of year. This project , along with The Concierges will be the key pieces that will put in place and feature all the elements that make Triality different which are: international projects / collaborative network / new concept of entertainment branding. All three of them implying a close collaboration between all the members of Triality's International Production Network (IPN).

Katie Torpey, One of Triality’s Most Talented Writers

KatieTorpey is a US screenwriter born in Washington, DC. In the last twenty years, she has worked as a screenwriter on movies and TV shows. She created her own TV show a few years ago, Mother Up!, and also produced and directed her first movie, Truth about Kerry. Katie Torpey is a talented and experienced artist with an impressive career.

A little more than a year ago, she agreed to join Triality and her first collaboration was the treatment for the US version of The Concierges. When Il Consigliere's development started to move rapidly, Luc JG Bégin needed someone he could count on to continue the writing process while keeping the story's balance between wild, and mathematical intact. He immediately called Katie knowing she would understand the characters and their motivations.

What’s Il Consigliere About?

Il Consigliere revisits Machiavelli in the 21st century through the work of the Consigliere and his protégée as they travel the world and solve the problems of the 26 richest and most powerful families in the world. Who’s really ruling?


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