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MTS - The Musical School and Accademia ZeroNove: Members of the IPN

MTS - The Musical School

Directed by Simone Nardini, MTS - The Musical School is exceptional in its high-level of quality in everything it does. That is definitely a reflection of its Founder / Director who is never satisfied. The result? A school that can produce professional quality projects and shows and prepares adequately its students for their upcoming artistic lives.

Simone Nardini, Director of MTS - The Musical School

MTS - The Musical School opened its doors in 1999, ans was the first such Academy in Milan. It is a meeting point of exchange for students and professionals. It teaches acting, singing, dancing and all other complementary disciplines as they interact in a program of study. The goal is to develop the artistic potential of the students in such a way that will lead them to understand themselves better in order to be able to express themselves better on stage.

Accademia ZeroNove

Accademia 09 is a school with a wider range of subjects thought to its students as it touches upon: cinema, theatre, singing, radio, voice mastering , directing, screenwriting, filmmaking and communication. Their goal: Turn their students' passion into a real job. And they do.

At Accademia 09, students learn from great professionals Their training has very high standards: the teachers of Accademia09 are all renowned professionals in the world of Cinema, Music, Radio and TV.

It also permits the students to get a lot of experience in the field as their training courses are focused on direct experience. In the end, thanks to various partnerships and collaborations, that Accademia 09 provides its students with real professional opportunities.

We are proud to have such partners inside Triality's IPN and we will continue to add such high level schools, from all over the world, to our IPN network in 2020.


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