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NEW Nomination: Emanuele Costantini - International Sound Manager

Triality Productions is proud to announce the nomination of Emanuele Costantini as International Sound Manager for the Triality World.

He will be in charge of the sound quality on each project that will be produced to be inserted inside the Triality World. In that role, he will have to make sure that the sound is identical for each production, no matter where it is shot around the world, by having the sound team on each project follow the Triality bible, which he will have created.

To do so, material used will have to be identical or of similar quality, when unavailable. Tests will have to be done prior to the beginning of each production so that he can confirm that the quality is a "go."

He will also request additional sound samples and recordings, or suggest different locations when the sound will not be satisfying, anytime he will feel it is justified, on any Triality production.

Emanuele has gained experience on many international productions, including Jupiter Ascending, The Man from U.N.C.L.E. and The Gunman.

Triality is proud to add him to the Management Team. We wish him success and a long collaboration inside our network.


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