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NEW Nomination: Federica Manfredi – Art Director

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

Triality Productions is proud to announce the nomination of Federica Manfredi as Art Director for the Triality World.

She will be in charge of art direction, making sure that we keep our standards at all time, and that all characters inside our world will be of a similar style.

Her first role was to create the Hedonistic Pets of The Triality story, Lupo & Gatto, which she drew up last summer. Now, she has also given life to the main character inside the core series of the Triality World: Jeanne Bûcher, which everyone will discover when they enter the Game in January 2022. She will also continue her work on our furry pets, through cartoons and their own series.

As Art Director, she will oversee the creation of all other characters inside the Triality World, whether they are hers or from other artists. That will include the cartoon characters derived from the series Graphic Crimes - Waiting for the Day to End, written by Andrea Traina, which is one of the four central series of the Triality World.

Her role inside Triality Productions will be equal to the other Directors, as she will be asked to take part in the main decisions made, as we launch and continue building the TW, bringing it to the whole world.

Triality is proud and very happy to add her to the Management Team. We wish her success and a long collaboration inside our network.

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