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NEW Nomination: Kristin Greiner – Executive Producer

Triality Productions is proud to announce the nomination of Kristin Greiner as Executive Producer for the Triality World.

She will be in charge of branding and completing each project with the necessary co-production partners.

In her first role, she will be communicating with various brands to attach them to one of the main characters of the Triality World (seed branding). She will also fill the slots of our “Exclusive Industry Branding” program and special product placement, according to each production’s needs.

As Executive Producer of the Triality World, Kristin will be speaking with potential co-producers to insert them into our IPN (International Production Network) as partners of the Triality World. They will each be attached to an initial project.

She will be collaborating on both these tasks with the Founder and President of Triality Productions, Luc JG Bégin. She will also be involved in discussions regarding the Triality World’s distribution network with him and Triality’s main consultant for distribution: Osvaldo de Santis. Kristin has spent over twenty years as Marketing Director for The Walt Disney Company in Italy, Germany as well as its head office in the USA. Later on, she moved on to Warner Bros, where she remained for six years.

Triality is proud to add her to the Management Team. We wish her success and a long collaboration inside our network.


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