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Paris, November 13, 2019

Triality, the first international start-up in the world of audio-visual production, opens its capital to investors

Having developed the first collaborative international production network (IPN) and assembled a team of more than seventy (70) screenwriters around the world, Triality Productions continues its project to transform the world of audio-visual production.

The young company is now launching its first fundraising to accelerate the development of its network and strengthen its position in the eleven (11) countries where it is already established. As its first projects will come into production in 2020, Triality Productions also wants to prepare for the future, notably by developing branded entertainment solutions, but also its Triality Express solution, the "Airbnb of audio-visual production" and a collaborative and international VOD platform.

A major international audio-visual creation network

Since its creation in 2017 by Canadian Luc JG Bégin, Triality Productions has managed to form one of the largest international network of creators around the world. With fourteen (14) divisions in eleven (11) different countries, Triality Productions regroups more than seventy (70) writers writing in eleven (11) different languages ​​and a little more than a hundred (100) cinematographers.

Thanks to this network, Triality Productions is able to create all types of content, for the cinema or television and the world of communication, as well as adapt them to all cultures and all nationalities.

Triality Productions was built to co-produce international content that targets multiple primary markets around the world, in order to reduce production costs and maximize the benefits of each project.

A production network in full growth

In 2019, Triality Productions began developing its IPN, an international production network. Through this network, Triality Productions creates a meeting place for collaboration between the various actors of the audio-visual industry to facilitate international productions.

The network brings its members together in order to produce a new "Triality" project, whether it be for a film, a television series or any other type of audio-visual production. These are production companies, investors, branding agencies, but also schools, post-production studios, distributors and major international brands.

A fundraising campaign to accelerate the development of Triality Productions

For the last three years, Triality Productions has been developing at full speed thanks to the energy of its founder and the passion of its management team. Nevertheless, at the end of 2019, the growth of the company will have reached a major threshold in its history and the entry of new funds will become necessary to continue its development in order for Triality to keep growing.

These funds will allow Triality Productions to continue to develop its international production network, as well as to strengthen its international presence in the growing branded entertainment market. To achieve this, the company needs to expand its sales and communications teams to increase its impact and presence around the world.

Finally, Triality Productions is already preparing the future and this first fundraising will enable it to start working on the projects that will make it a key player in audio-visual production in the years to come: Triality Express, the first "Airbnb in the audio-visual production field" , and an innovative VOD platform that will bring together the productions involved in its network.

About Triality Productions

Launched in 2016, Triality Productions, a Canadian company based in Brossard, Quebec, is a UFO in the audio-visual sector where start-ups are almost non-existent. By building a large network of creators, Triality Productions addresses one of the major problems of the current internationalization of audio-visual production: To ease the process of creating quality content suitable for all possible local and international markets. Triality Productions is also there to help break the border between those who finance, those who produce and those who need to be seen inside the content by introducing new solutions in branded entertainment.


Luc JG Bégin

Founder & President

David Gaillard

Communication Manager

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