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S2020 becomes… O2020

We mentioned at the beginning of this year that we were planning to have all of our partners get together for a meeting in Rome, in September. This has been postponed by… one month. However, this time, we have dates for you!

October 12 & 13 will see Triality's IPN members get together for the very first time, to plan for the future. This will include companies from all sectors of the audio-visual industry, from production companies to schools and studios, as well as our other partners from the seed branding and international exclusive branding programs. Financiers of our series, movies and of Triality itself will also be taking part in what will see the physical birth of a new international production network.

During these two days, all members will take part in various seminaries, that will lead to suggestions on how to make the network more efficient, stronger and more influent. We will also focus on the creation of our next scripts, taking in account the vision of those inside the industry as well as from the brand leaders around the world.

The objective of the meeting is very clear: Now that we've joined hands, how do we go about gaining more shares of the visibility available for our series and movies? And also, how can we make our content more interesting and closer to international viewers' expectations?

The meeting will still be held in Rome, Italy. After all, didn't someone say that "all roads lead to Rome?"


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