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S2020 — The 1st International Annual IPN Meeting in Rome

Triality’s International Production Network is a powerful tool for all its members. But a network is only a good one, well, if it really is! That’s why Triality will bring the group together every year in September. The first edition of this event will take place in Rome in September 2020. S2020 (name of the event) will be the first of many international annual IPN meetings!

A Way to Involve Everyone in the IPN

A network can only be truly useful and efficient if it is not entirely virtual. When Luc JG Bégin built the 14 Triality Productions divisions, he went and met with screenwriters, cinematographers and producers in every city worldwide where the divisions were to be started. It is the only way to truly know the people you are working with and the key to success.

S2020 will do the same for the IPN. It will be a great way for members to meet and talk about the projects to come, but also to celebrate the successes of the past year. The meeting will be led by Triality’s management team which will take this opportunity to introduce new members to one another and strengthen the bonds between companies.

But mostly, the annual meeting will be about preparing the next year as we will discuss what is going on around the world, the trends, the demand, etc. It will also be a chance for the brands to give us a completely different feedback from the people inside the audio-visual industry regarding viewers of our series and movies. In the end, together, we will decide which direction to take for the following year and what we need to strengthen inside the network in order to make it better.

Every Member of the IPN Takes Part in Its Development

In a "Do Your Job" set of mind like Triality, it is easy to understand that all parts of the network needs to be fully productive in order to get to the end result (a good one too, of course). Participating in this meeting will also help everyone to understand better what part they play and how important it is to the other members.

There are no less-important members inside Triality. If we have chosen the companies we have, in the categories we felt were necessary, it is because we can't live without them. To produce great fiction, we need every member involved to worry about their part without worrying about the other people having to do theirs.

By meeting with their colleagues, this will be a reassuring factor, leaving, in the end, to go back home, while having met the people they depend on and who, in turn, also depend on them.

Of course, a few secrets will be unveiled too...


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