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The Game

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

Introducing the Triality World to an international public

In January, the world will learn about the Triality World through an informative game, aimed at making them want to learn more, and more, and more about the Triality World. The concept was created by Dave Bloustien and developed with the help of Triality's management team.

A Special Invitation

Through e-mail and social network campaigns, people all over the world will be invited to spend a night at a 5-star Hotel. But not just any one: The TW Hotel. When they arrive there, they will be greeted by the Host of the Triality World, who is also the main concierge of the central series: Jeanne Bûcher (Hotels: The Concierges). To know what happens next, you’ll have to head there and try it for yourself, when the hotel opens its doors, in the early days of the New Year.

One thing is certain, you’ll cross paths with our hedonistic pets, Lupo & Gatto, at some point, since they seem to have taken residence there. You’ll also meet a few of the other guests passing by, including the owner Alice Quirier, and if you’re lucky, maybe the Consigliere himself, Nicola Kafata. Just make sure you stop by the bar, once you get thirsty. The Barman will have a great story to tell you…

Ordinary People, leading Extraordinary Lives

Welcome to the Real World! Well… almost. The Triality World is not a universe made of superheroes, just ordinary people leading extraordinary lives. Ones that will make men and women dream of becoming what they are meant to be. And why not? They won’t have to grow a metallic arm or come from the planet Zubu to complete themselves. They’ll just need to reach for the level of empathy, love, moral strength… that their favourite characters display.

The main values that the Triality World will convey are simple, but most importantly human. They are: The full power of a couple’s unity (the Triality), the right to complete freedom of choice and the desire to grow. The characters come from all social backgrounds, but they all want to rise to what they can be. From the regular businessman who became a consultant to the 26 richest families (Il Consigliere), to the African village Prince who manages to modernize his society without destroying all rituals and traditions (The Prince), to the couple who will need to remember who they are, away from their work, in order to survive and keep moving forward (The Power Struggle), the world will discover a universe they will want to be a part of… And they will be invited into it, as part of the Community.


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