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The Professionals

The Next Wave of Influencers

The Professionals series is made of nine different concepts that are led by a specialist from various economical fields. However, they are not real people, but fictitious characters that will tell stories in which brands will be included/introduced. Every series has a distinct modus operandi, and will be available in different formats.

Professionals interacting between each other inside the Triality World

Just like in the real world, each country will have its own specialists, in every field. And as it happens every day in our world, their paths will sometimes cross, including at conferences and yearly international conventions, where they will make friendships, partnerships and maybe more…

One of the places they will meet, to exchange between each other as well as with the public, is on the TW The Professionals website, where they will interact through various entertainment content. This will enable each character to grow its viewership on an international level, helping each national production company/advertising agency to grow their branding capacity and their revenues.

The most popular characters will also end-up crossing into Triality’s Parallel World through films & series shot in the country where they originated, or even into international productions. Some will simply be inserted in movies and series as they come to life, whenever it makes sense, in order to provide them with more exposure, so they can add to their value. It will be the case for one of the professionals, when we launch the Triality World’s Game in January. You can guess who it is for now, but you’ll only be able to confirm by visiting the Hotel, when you receive the invitation in January…

An Augmented Version of Influencers

The Professionals are the next wave and an augmented version of today’s influencers. Through the entertainment factor they bring to viewers, they will create a stronger bond between the public and the brand. The power they hold will grow over time, and it will be helped by the rise of the popularity of the Triality World, which will include the Parallel World, its mythology and the musicals series. Why? Because there is strength in numbers.

Triality has always been a collaborative effort. It is no surprise, then, that it will be the same again. This collaboration with production companies, advertising agencies and networks all over the world, will follow the same pattern, as our partners will not pay fir the use of our concept but benefit and share part of the revenues, as they come in. That is why all characters will not be competing between each other, but simply bring more water to the internal mill of The Professionals concept, benefiting all in the end.


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