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The story behind Triality - Part I

No great story can be carried by a single man. Behind Triality, there is a whole passionate management team without which the company could never have achieved its goals. Nevertheless, at the beginning of all great stories, there is often the idea of a single man and the decision that follows. For Triality, it is obviously the decision of its founder, Luc JG Bégin who started everything.

The answer to a problem

Like many companies, Triality was born to answer a problem that Luc JG Bégin had noticed. First, in his professional life. At the time, he was feeling trapped where he had not planned to stay long. Already at the head of company he created, the market on which he operated successfully annoyed him. Then, a behaviorist psychologist advised him to multiply meetings to reopen the creative valves.

From events to events, from meetings to meetings, Luc JG Bégin had the opportunity to meet several audiovisual professionals in France. Back in Canada, he studied cinema in university, and even before he knew it, his decision to go into the production field was taken. After a few months, the development of his first series, Désordre, was complete, but he still got the same answer when he sent it "We have read your screenplay. It is very good... but who are you? "

A locked-down market and a new way to do things

These answers revealed to Luc JG Bégin the second problem that would give birth to Triality. As soon as he realized that the audio-visual environment in France was a locked door, he decided to revisit the situation so he'd come through the back door later on.

The audiovisual field has two major problems : it is disorganized and its sale process is obsolete. Just by acknowledging this, and without even knowing it yet, Luc JG Bégin had already created Triality. It was still just an inception, but the will to make a difference in the market was there.

A few months later, the first writers and the first cinematographer teams were recruited to join the first network of its kind in the audiovisual sector. The idea of an international network was soon born and only a year later, the first four Triality divisions were created (France - UK - Canada - USA).

The First International Network and a first ever fundraising

Since its creation, Triality has come a long way. Whereas everything started with a simple idea, the company quickly grew and became more complex. It now has a network of 14 divisions in 11 countries and with more than 70 screenwriters, it can produce international and culturally targeted content in 11 languages, all built through meetings around the world between the founder and potential writers, cinematographers and producers.

However, Triality still has some way to go to fulfill all its ambitions. It then started to develop its IPN (International Production Network) in Italy, a unique tool in the world that will allow all member companies to produce international content more easily and more quickly. But that story… is for tomorrow...

Building on its past successes, Triality can serenely looked to the future. An ambitious future that she is preparing with her very first fundraising that will begin on November 13, 2019.


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