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The Triality of the Triality World

There will be three distinct worlds inside the Triality World, which will be: The Parallel World,

The Professionals and The Musical Series. All of them will be regrouped under one website, which will be located at Internet users will be able to access each world directly from the front page of the Triality World website.

“The Parallel World”: Fiction Close to Reality

The Triality project is part of the parallel world, and it acts as some kind of entry door between the real world and the Triality World. All main characters of the series and films, that will be included in the Triality World, will take part of the storytelling live sessions. However, their home will be the website, where viewers and fans of the Triality World will be able to go and get the latest news on their favourite characters. As actors are being chosen to play the roles (main and secondary), their faces will appear on the website.

“The Professionals”: A series of Nine Fiction Branded Content Shows

In addition to the Parallel universe of the Triality World, will be the Fiction Branded Content (FBC) tv series, that will feature professionals of various fields. They are: The Design Journalist, the University Professor of business, the Airport Bartender, the Hairdresser, the Nutritionist, the Technological Technicians (couple), the World Entrepreneurs (couple), The DIY Specialist and the Behavioural Psychologist. Each of them will live as fiction characters, as they talk about brands, in their sectors, which will be featured in their shows.

Every time a new country will be added to the distribution, for one or more of the series, it will have its own version of the chosen characters, who will interact with the others from around the world, inside the Triality World website. This will enable more visibility for the brands, but also for the distribution channels that will present the local version of the shows. More series will be added as Triality grows.

“The Musical Series”: A World Apart

Although the musical series was originally planned to be included, inside the Triality World itself, a decision has been made to keep them somewhat apart. This doesn’t mean that they will never come up inside other Triality series or films, but they will mostly interact between each other. The Musical Series is a different kind of universe, that will grow on its own. It will feature tomorrow’s pop stars, with a particular focus on the new latino singers. Main actors will participate in the live storytelling sessions, but they will come at a later date, probably near the end of 2022 or early 2023.


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