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The Triality Specialists - Part I

Triality is not your typical production company.

How many production company has in its rank a fashion brand specialist?

WE do

. And we also have a negotiation expert…

Triality Productions is a cross-barrier company. It breaks borders that use to exist between the brands and the audio-visual entertainment companies as it incorporates them into the network.

You’ve heard a lot about what the Management has done throughout these last few months. Now it’s time to show you who they brought on board to help them get to where they want/need to be.

The Branding Specialist : Antonella Di Pietro

How can you pretend to be a brand oriented company if you don’t have branding specialists inside your ranks? The Head of Development was the one who had the most experience in branding, so, it is not surprising that she would be the one to bring in the Specialist of branding.

Antonella Di Pietro has more than 20 years of experience in the world of fashion, collaborating with brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, Karl Lagerfeld and Tod’s to name a few. She is perfectly positioned to understand which brands can be identified to which character.

Triality Management is currently in talk with other branding specialists in other fields than fashion. We’ll keep you updated as we keep on strengthening our position.

The Distributions Specialist : Osvaldo de Santis

Distribution is key to the audio-visual production. The Founder Luc JG Bégin, spent a lot of time looking for the right individual to help build the right network - the right way. He found that person and contacted him over the Summer when they were not able to connect.

But they finally did in Milan last September and Luc JG Bégin was not disappointed: Osvaldo de Santis is, without a doubt, the right man for the task. He is one of the most important builders of the international distribution in Italy with an illustrious career at 20th Century Fox Paramount Italy for 23 years as the CEO and 3 years as General Manager of Sky Italy.

Osvaldo and Luc are currently discussing the most efficient strategy to Triality’s distribution.

The Format Expert : Axel Fiacco

It is true that we have focussed quite a lot on Italy while building the IPN inside Triality but it goes back even farther than that… If you want to retrace it, you can probably go back to when our Founder met with our Negotiation Expert close to 15 years ago back when Triality was but a distant dream in his mind.

But it certainly goes back to February 2018 when he came to Rome to open the Italian division and found himself with a problem he had yet to face: Too many good screenwriters for one country!

So it’s not a surprise that our Format Specialist is the third Italian Specialists inside Triality: Axel Fiacco has written the bible of format that is being taught in schools. He knows everything about how to create formats that have an interest for the commercial market. He is helping Triality to choose the themes of the formats and then, once they are created, to adjust the presentation before, in collaboration, Triality goes out to present the current projects.

Axel is also a partner in an augmented reality firm which Triality will have access to for its branded entertainment and other projects.

The rest of the band…

No, not all Specialists inside Triality are Italians. We also have a French (half Italian), a German, an American and, yes, another Italian… But that’s for Part II, tomorrow.

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