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The Triality Specialists – Part II

As we said in Part I, Triality is not your typical production company.

Although it is true we are quite different, with a Fashion Brand Specialist and a Negotiation Expert inside our company, we are also like all other production companies made with people that create movies and series.

Triality Productions is an international content creator and to that effect, we need to have individuals who have a global experience of the industry that is why you will find that our technical people (line producer, cinematographer and script specialist) all have international experience.

And, yes, you will uncover our negotiation expert… Why don’t we start there!

The Negotiation Expert: Aline Bizien

With more than 20 years of field experience, Aline's aim is performance. She brings that high level of efficiency to Triality through her help in commercial negotiation and coaching of our President.

She coaches some of the top CEOs and Directors of the CAC-40 in France.

She, herself, is highly performing as she manages time like no one else can. She knows how to make someone understand where their aim should be and how to get there.

She has been consulting in one way or another with our Founder, Luc JG Bégin, at various times throughout the last fifteen years. She is the only one he never questions.

The Script Consultant: Chris Vogler

​Chris has worked at most of the major studios in Hollywood.

He is a consultant for A-list directors, actors and major international companies.

His book THE WRITER'S JOURNEY: Mythic Structure for Writers is a standard guide-book for screenwriters and creative writing classes. His concepts of story structure are used by advertisers and Fortune 500 companies.

His goal will be to bring homogeneity to Triality's international scripts.

The Line Producer: Silvio Sardi

As we said at the beginning of this article, Triality is an international company and, therefore, needs individuals who have the global knowledge.

Silvio worked fourteen years at FOX USA. He is a producer, writer and director of feature films, documentary, docu-movies, music video and spot commercial.

His specialties are: International trader of audiovisual rights. Packaging of audiovisual projects. Two things Triality specializes in.

In the near future, Silvio will be a key element of Triality.

The Cinematographer Specialist: Bebe (Birgit) Dierken

Although we have yet to call upon her, Bebe comes with the experience of 25 years on movies & series sets worldwide. With our first series and movies coming up, she will be the specialist in her field that we will consult with.

Bebe has worked with some of the greatest directors in the industry including Martin Scorsese, Quentin Tarantino and Roland Emmerich. In Triality, she will bring her knowledge to ensure the high quality of our productions.

And that is just the beginning…

As Triality aims to be the world leader in international audio-visual networking, we will need to add more of these specialists along the way. We have already started looking into Brand Specialists in other fields than fashion and we will be shortly in touch with Event Specialists.

We will present them to you as they come on board. But for now, this completes our 2-part stories on our Specialists.


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