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THE TRIALITY: "Live" Storytelling

The goal at Triality Productions is to remain a source of innovation for the industry of fiction content. The live storytelling sessions, which will start in June, prove exactly that, as we are bringing back the art of oral tradition, through the most modern communication means: an internet platform.

For the first time, audiences around the world will be invited to watch a character tell his story, live, exactly the same way as the main storyteller of a village would have done, thousands of years ago, standing in the middle of the agora, or centuries later, around a camp fire.

This virtual amphitheatre will gather people from around the world, one evening per week / per character, to hear and share the story of the Triality, as told by the characters that have taken part in building the Triality World and who have invented the concept of “The Triality:” The perfect connection of two individuals in regards to their thoughts, their sentiments and their physical union.

Initiating with the mythology of the Triality World

Storytelling will be used, inside the Triality World, as a prequel to all the series and films, which will start production in 2022. But to initiate viewers, we are going back in time, all the way to the Garden of Eden, where we will meet the two mythological characters of the Triality World: Lucifer and the Maiden: The Eternal Lovers. The story is a more humane version of the one we find in various tales about Human history. It simply asks: “What if?” It will be told through the different tales of each protagonist, on different evenings.

Continuing with the Contemporary World

After a few months (in September 2021), Luis and Stella will join in, to explain how the Triality World came to be. They are the characters that uncovered “The Triality” and so, they will each share their own version of how this discovery came to be, by weaving in and out of the book of the L&Ms, an artwork that was meant to become the greatest love story of all time, which ended-up being the foundation of a completely new world: The Triality World.

Their story will have great effects on the lives of Lucifer and The Maiden, who are living inside these two hosts, in our contemporary world. In fact, they will forever change their fate, in a way that was unpredictable for the Eternal Lovers. This story of words will pull the viewers into a depth of sentiments, making them walk for an hour on the edge of a precipice, wondering if they will survive.

Finally: Launching the parallel universe of The Triality World

Before the end of the year, the two main characters of the Triality World series, Nicola Kafata (Il Consigliere) and Jeanne Bûcher (The Concierges), will come in to launch the parallel universe, which is the Triality World. To do so, they will tell the story of whom they were, before the tv series initial episode, which will come in the fall of next year. This prequel, focusing on the main characters, will prepare viewers for what is to come: the birth of a complete universe, made of characters moving from one series to another and colliding into each other’s world. And every month, new characters will be added, to initiate their own prequel of their tv series or film.

Although the Triality World was always meant to end-up in films and tv series, this media will now be only a part of the world, which will follow the “live” storytelling experience and open-up a whole variety of other media accessible for people to listen, watch, read and enjoy the various characters that will evolve inside the Triality World.


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