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The Triality World: Why you should join NOW

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

A unique opportunity to join an international network that will lead the audio-visual industry into the future.

The IPN: A group “for members only.”

The world belongs to those opportunistic enough to embark on trains bound for glory. Triality has developed itself throughout the last four years in only one way: Bringing an opportunity to the various players in the industry and letting them enter the network, if they were interested.

This group, which keeps growing, now consists of people and companies working in this industry, from all fields. This Summer, we started adding actors for the various main characters of the Triality World, so that the brands can actually make a choice between some pre-selected candidates, through self-video casting.

As we start production in mid-2021, those who have joined in will be guaranteed a place inside the network for as long as they wish to remain, in regards to their country or to the role they are fulfilling inside the IPN. However, once these places are allotted, the group will be closed and no one will be able to come in, unless we have new needs or if we have to replace someone. This should occur around mid-2022, and available places for different countries will vary as we grow.

The Brands: An opportunity to seize a segment of their industry

What is true for industry professionals is also true for brands. Although there will always be new opportunities in term of “seed-branding” the characters inside Triality (since new ones will come to life through the years), it will not be the case with our International Exclusive Branding (IEB) offer. The first companies to become the only visible company inside Triality in their industry, will have the opportunity to renew that exclusivity, once the original deal comes to term. That way, they can be guaranteed to be the only brand in their field to exist inside the Triality World. They will also benefit from an incredible offer in terms of cost/visibility on their first participation into the Triality World. Once we have a market sector allocated, it may never be available again.

Investing inside the Triality World

The same rules apply to those looking to invest in the Triality World. Whether they invest in Triality Productions Inc. or the production fund. The fund will not only be used to produce the series and films, but also the other collateral projects attached to the characters (books, video games, tv shows, etc.). These financiers will be given priority in all Triality World’s endeavours.

A collaborative Network which benefits its members

Triality aims to reward all those who enter the collaborative network by guaranteeing them long-term benefits from all revenues coming into the Triality World, according to their role within the network. This may mean part of the branding revenues associated to the characters for some (writers, actors, original prod company, and others), part of the global revenues (financiers) or part of the rights (various). Even brands will be rewarded, as part of their spending will be an investment in the creation fund. This will pay out dividends from production profits.

For more information on how to join the Triality international network send us a mail at


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