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Triality: A brand-based production company

Triality: A brand-based production company

A gathering of people from all aspects of the industry.

If you want to understand who you are and develop your full potential, you need to listen and adapt. That’s what Triality has done over the last three years.

Not every company has the chance to go out into the world and talk with the various professionals in our industry. But that’s what our Founder did, meeting screenwriters and cinematographers, producers and editors (and everyone in between) from North America to Asia. It is the reason we chose the path we are on today: Crossing the barrier between fiction and branded content.

What does it mean?

We create works of fiction (movies and television series) based solely on their quality, so viewers get the best productions possible, but we insert brands, seamlessly, through our seed branding and exclusive international branding programs. By doing so, we become their vessel, not to sell their service or products, but to convey their image and vision to the world.

By writing independently, Triality provides the best content possible. And by inserting this content through the brand’s communication first, we develop what viewers and brands need today:

VIEWERS: Quality content through an alternative world where their favourite characters live

BRANDS: High quality brand visibility through much more than product placement

Creating an Alternative World

Why create an alternative world? Because that’s what people want to see today.

It is undeniable that, whether you enjoy comic book movies or not, people can’t get enough of the movies based on its characters. People want to see fictitious characters grow in front of their eyes. As an example: SimCity (video game) was created in 1997 and 23 years later, it’s still hugely popular, having sold more than 200 million copies worldwide, signalling once again, people’s desire to watch characters grow.

Triality’s characters will build an alternative world where they will be as real as any other human being. They will grow, change and adapt, like any other person, but the difference is that they will only exist to entertain viewers. And yes, some of them will represent a brand but everyone in the real world also earns a living, right?

Our end goal is to humanise our brands, and to create a world where they are the leaders of their respective industry. To do that, we have been gathering the best people in this industry to create the best audio-visual productions through an international collaborative network.

All professions involved in the industry can join Triality from actors to producers and from directors to editors, as long as there are positions available in their field for their country. If you want to join the network and take part in the creation process, send us a mail at


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