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Triality: A screenwriters’ world

Triality was created through its relationship with screenwriters. It became clear from the early stages that it would become like a second home for some. What we did not necessarily expect was that it would often be the most experienced writers who would be attracted to our group.

Some writers failed to appreciate the chance to have their work showcased around the world, while others understood rapidly that betting on Triality was better than just writing another spec script of their own which might end up in a drawer.

Still adding screenwriters

As our Triality’s Founder went around the world, he was always very clear about it: this will take time. He had a three-year plan, which is not late by much, as this year (post coronavirus) should see the beginning of our first productions. If you want to do something right, you need to apply yourself and take the time it needs. To be considered inside the industry, we needed to build a large and strong network first. We are there now and intend to continue on that road.

The first 14 divisions were created by meeting each screenwriter, cinematographer and producer face-to-face. That is not possible anymore, as we need new screenwriters from around the world for different projects on a regular basis. Simon Warne, International Director of Screenwriters, has taken over the development of this section of Triality and has welcomed new writers from South Africa, Brazil and Australia to name but a few new countries.

Our goal: Generate screenplays on a constant basis

When we start collaborating with a writer, we don’t need them to jump in right away and write a screenplay, since we already have so many in development. But we do need to keep adding to our portfolio so we can produce a steady stream of content.

Once writers join Triality, they are invited to pick a synopsis to develop and given a six-month timeframe to complete the work.

If you want to join our ranks as a screenwriter, please contact Simon Warne directly at

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