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Triality About to Enter the World of Publishing

Triality’s International Production Network was created because, even with the large amount of festivals, it is difficult for audio-visual companies from various countries to come together and find the partners they are looking for. Triality's original meaning is: a meeting of two worlds creating a third (common) one. In other words, by bringing two parties together, we enable creation. The addition of publishers is also bringing two worlds together (audio-visual productions and publishing) in a way that will enable them to create something different and completely new.

An Entirely New Concept in the World of Books

It is too soon to publicly reveal too much of this exciting endeavour, but Triality’s team is currently working on a project that was started by the sales team throughout the year and could really make a meaningful change in the publishing business and the way to market books.

What we can tell you, aside from this, is that our movie and TV shows scripts (in general) will be adapted in books, not only as a script turned into a book, but also as part of an extended universe which will feature Triality characters. Triality has developed amazing stories with incredibly gifted writers and transforming them into literature is an exciting project for everyone in our company.

What can the IPN do for the publishing business?

Publishers and production companies have one common problem: They develop projects inside their own departments but have difficulties to bring them globally. Therefore they could gain a lot from teaming up with the various companies around the world from the different fields that will form the IPN.

By inviting publishers inside the structure, the IPN will enable them to get frequent contact with new financiers, writers, production companies, brands, branding agencies, etc. They will then be able to build a book project in a very different way by using all of Triality's resources.

Triality First Step in the Publishing World

Triality is presently taking its initial steps in the publishing world and will be presenting its first project, currently under development, in first meetings mid-november in Milan. This book will be Triality’s official launch into publishing.

By the end of 2019, the project should be completed. Therefore, we should have very important news to share with you in the first months of the new year. That is what Triality is made of: crazy and exciting projects! And this one, we must admit - even for us - is particularly wild, intense and will go "beyond" in many different ways...


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