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Triality Africa: The next step in building the Triality World

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Africa’s Talents Are Rising to the Occasion to join Triality’s International Production Network

In July 2020, Triality Africa officially became recognized as the newest section of the Triality cinematic universe. Africa is the continent with the youngest population demographic. With young people leading the audio-visual storytelling industry all over the world, Triality Africa is therefore well positioned to pool together a network of talents and companies (screenwriters, cinematographers, directors, actors, editors, production companies) to produce the movies, series, branded content and musicals within an African network of talents.

Triality Africa may be the latest branch of the Triality World, but it is already beginning to grow as there is massive enthusiasm and positive social media sentiment to the news of the appointment of Sacut Amenga-Etego as Director for Triality Africa. Everyone also recognizes the opportunities that the Triality World is bringing to local African brands, talents and production companies to be part of a larger cinematic world that thoroughly benefits all partners within the production network.

The Triality: Made in Africa

Powerful foreign brands dominate Africa’s business environment. However, there is a generation of local African brands that have gained massive global prominence and this generation is inspiring a renaissance in thinking on how neo-colonized Africa can begin to tell its own stories from its own perspective to the world. Triality Africa is here to provide the gateway for that expression of the stories of ordinary people living extraordinary lives on screens while representing African brands to the world. Triality Africa is excited about the greater prospects for indigenous African brands and characters to get exposed to the greater world.

Representing the Whole of Africa

Triality Africa is out to build a strong production network that will derive its strength in the diversity of talents, stories, characters, and brands in all 54 African countries. This is a daunting task but an exciting one for the team. Ghana, Nigeria and South Africa will serve as the combined springboard for the initial Triality Africa projects. ‘’Operation D’ is set in South Africa, ‘’The Prince’’, a political drama is set in Ghana, ‘’Reincarnation Revenge’’ is set in Ghana and Nigeria, ‘’Out Of Control’’ another political drama is also set in Ghana, Zimbabwe and Nigeria. Africa’s rich musical and dance culture provides massive grounds for musical contents and storytelling through unique music and dance.

Africa and Triality's IPN

Triality Africa, having belatedly joined the Triality World, currently has the widest open doors for local talents, film schools, production companies, and brands to enter into the Triality World’s IPN through Triality Africa. Happily, Triality Africa has already inserted its first screenwriter Stephen Atalebe who is currently working on ‘’Reincarnated Revenge’’, a horror/thriller movie.

Accra, Ghana is the headquarters of Triality Africa from where our director for Africa is directing the building of the production network.


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