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Triality characters: An Evolution

From the very beginning, Triality has always developed its own content and, therefore, its own characters. At Triality, we always look for interesting characters and writers who can create someone extraordinary to follow. A successful screen character is one that is memorable. Someone we keep thinking about long after we’ve watched them on screen as it disturbs, creates emotions inside us. However, you might wonder: How do you create such a character?

Is There a Triality Formula?

There’s no particular formula for creating a great character: they can be extraordinary individuals who are like nothing we’ve seen before, or they can be ordinary individuals who act in a way that’s different and engaging. ‘We want to see more out of the characters’ is a note we give more often than ‘we want to see more plot’ to our writers!

Triality focuses more on characters than many studios and production companies. For decades, people got used to watch movies with shallow characters, only there to follow a smart and well-written plot. In Triality, we believe that if you build strong characters and you let them "live their life" the way they would if they really were alive, then you should get a great storyline.

A New Way to Work on Characters

In Triality, we think well-written characters should keep on living – in another production or by developing online. At Triality we are particularly interested in the "what comes next" for our characters. It is what the viewers want too. That is one of the reasons why series have gained so much space over movies: People want to learn more about what comes next for the characters in their favourite series. Today, thanks to social media and technologies, we can allow them to learn more about fictitious characters.

That’s why we always ask our writers to really develop their characters. That’s also the reason our characters are one of our biggest strengths of Triality. You'll understand when you'll meet Laetitia and the Consigliere in "Il Consigliere", Penny, Camilla and the Moth in "The Ama Zone" as well as David in "Young Lords" to name but a few of the outstanding characters living in Triality's world.

A Unique Opportunity for Writers

At Triality, the hero’s journey goes from its birth to its death and our writers need to provide the complete picture. The writers who are the original creators of a Triality character become their champions. They have a say in their character’s life choices and are responsible for keeping their life journeys real and interesting every step of the way.

We might meet characters for the first time as impressionable young people and watch their initial journey on screen. But then, they will also carry on, growing long after the original film or television series is over.

When we see them again, they might be at a very different stage of their lives – their experiences may have altered their outlook. The original writer is there to ensure that the journey is accurate and authentic. To do so, they will have to work with other writers who may be creating a different work of fiction in which their character will appear.

That kind of relationship between a screenwriter and its characters is pretty unique in the movie and TV business. Triality is really proud to be able to offer that kind of opportunity to writers and viewers.

If you’re interested in developing such characters with us, please contact our International Director of Screenwriters Simon Warne at


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