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Triality Sicily: A division to create, test and prepare the future

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Creatives and technicians from the "Island of Perfection"

The new Triality Sicily division is the 15th one of the international network, but it is quite different from its predecessors. This time it is not restricted to screenwriters, cinematographers and one producer (as the previous ones did). There is a reason for this: Triality Sicily will become the creative center. It will include the various audiovisual professionals necessary to prepare Triality’s future projects by creating and testing the different ideas together.

The Founder & President of Triality has decided to build a team around him to prepare the basis of Triality’s various productions. By bringing to life snippets of projects it will help these productions develop more quickly and give them an identity. The various people involved in Triality Sicily will brainstorm ideas, as well as create new ideas that will be included inside the Triality World.

The Triality: A documentary

The audio-visual industry in Sicily is built mostly around documentaries. It will definitely be a big advantage as we start preparing and shooting a documentary on the history of the Triality World. The documentary will show how it has been built during the last four years, how it is growing now and where it aims to be in the near future. This documentary will be unveiled at the launch of the Triality World which should take place in the Early Spring of 2021.

Centralizing some of the key elements inside Triality

Triality Sicily will also help Triality Productions centralize some of the most important elements inside it. For example, Triality’s composers will most probably be handled through a school / studio in Palermo, in order to bring a sense of unity to all of Triality’s music inside its various projects. On a larger scale, Triality is also currently placing management people to secure the quality of the sound and of the image for all projects by creating a bible which will need to be followed for all projects in terms of material used, how to provide the feed, etc. Although this might not be handled fully from Triality Sicily, there are great chances that it will be handled in Italy.


The Sicilian division will also include more screenwriters/directors. This is something we started when we included Harry Cleven from Belgium, earlier this Spring. He is currently writing a project for Triality called “L’étranger”, which he will also direct. Four new projects have joined the Triality pipeline in Sicily, which include “The Runaway” by Davide Vigore, “The Funeral” by Marzia Toscano, “Uninvited” by Luigi Cutore and an important new piece of the Triality World’s puzzle called “Waiting for the Day to End” in collaboration with Andrea Traina. This will consolidate Triality’s entrance into the cartoon world and will help install the global plot inside the whole Triality World.

All professionals involved in the industry can still join Triality Sicily from actors to producers and from directors to editors. It also applies for all the other divisions. For more information send us a mail at


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