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Triality World Characters living on Social Networks

Updated: May 28, 2021

As originally planned, the Triality World characters will live on social networks and brands will be able to attach themselves to them. Therefore, each will have their own Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr account. That is where brands will be most linked to these characters, since on screen, the goal is not to create advertisement. Otherwise, viewers will not desire to watch the series and films, considering them as one big advertisement.

On social networks they can be quite involved, so that we understand the link between the character and the brand, which is about the vision that they share. Characters will also be involved in the brands advertising and in their events.

The Triality World Social Accounts and Online visibility

The Triality World will also be on social networks, gathering all the information from each of the various accounts, to place them onto one. It will make it easy for the viewers and fans of the characters to go and read about them and their latest posts.

There will be only one YouTube channel, which will be found under the name “The Triality World.” That is where all video content of everyone and everything that takes place inside the Triality World will end-up. This does not include the films and series, which will be distributed through external means.

Triality Productions and the Triality World are two distinct entities and will not mix, at any time, in the future, so that the viewers don’t get confused between the two. The first is the one producing the second, and it creates and manages the relationship with all partners inside the IPN as well as the clients and distributors of the Triality World.

T.Y. News

The YouTube channel of the Triality World will also be the home of T.Y. News, where viewers will be able to go and watch the latest news regarding all their favourite characters, inside the Triality World. That is because their lives continue outside the tv series, films and other media in which they take part. Therefore, T.Y. News is there to let fans, and viewers stay afloat on the lives of these various characters. T.Y. News may also be redistributed, later on, by our various distribution partners, and can also be used by them to promote whichever part of the Triality World they are involved in.

Here are some examples of the social networks:


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