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What Exactly Is Triality?

From its inception, Triality’s ambition was to rapidly diversify its activities and create a global network that would enable it to make a significant difference to the way audiovisual content is produced. Between the ideas that were at the roots of the company and those that appeared on the way, some of you who have been following Triality for the last two years may sometime wonder: What exactly is Triality today?

A Fair and Worldwide Collaborative Network

The answer is today, Triality is more than 70 writers and 100 cinematographers in 14 divisions, across 10 countries for a total of 11 different languages spoken and written. Triality has thus fulfilled its first objective: to build a broad network of creators that allows it to develop international or culturally targeted audiovisual projects.

Since this year, Triality has also become an International Production Network (IPN), which brings together companies from all over the world (production companies, post-production and VFX studios, schools, etc.). Each member within the network selects the Triality projects they want to work on and does his part of the work. Producing quality content quickly, on an international scale, has never been easier!

Above all, this IPN is the opportunity for Triality to create a large team on a global scale in which each member will have a say in the decisions made for the future of the network. By joining together, small isolated companies can then produce projects of a scale that would be completely inaccessible to them without Triality’s IPN.

A Provider for Innovative Solutions in the Branded Entertainment Branch

For the past year, Triality has also embarked on an extremely promising market, which is not necessarily favored by screenwriters: branded content and, more precisely, branded entertainment. With a growth of almost 10% per annum every year for six years, this market is booming and Triality already occupies an important place thanks to quality partnerships started in 2019.

Currently, the branded entertainment market and the branding agencies that support it are desperately short of teams capable of developing quality content. Thanks to its more than 70 international writers, Triality quickly became an ideal solution.

Triality has also developed two new concepts that are totally new in the world of branded content: Seed Branding and Industry Exclusive Branding. Two highly innovative concepts that have already been praised by major brands and which you will soon be hearing about during the year 2020!

Triality Is Also the production of Many Projects and Collaborations for 2020

Of course, the very foundation of Triality remains the same as the day it was created a few years ago: the best creators around the world developing Triality scripts. Some of these projects are currently being discussed with production companies around the world and will soon start pre-production and production.


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