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Why branding entertainment is the future of branded content?

Advertisement has been trhough a major crisis lately. Keeping the attention of viewers during a television advertising page has become almost impossible as they have become accustomed to consulting their phones all the time. Internet advertising has tried to take over, but it can easily be bypassed with some software. Branded content has quickly become the best solution.

What is branded content and why has it reached its limits?

Branded content is an effective advertising opportunity. It is for a brand to sponsor, support and finance the creation of certain content to be positively associated to it. For example, content creators on YouTube are some of the most frequently used branded content solutions, but social networks and web-based newspapers are also often used by brands.The branded content thus makes it possible to solve the "crisis of audience attention" by placing the marketing operation within the content voluntarily consumed by the viewer.

Nevertheless, the branded content suffers from several important defects. The first and most important is obviously the nature of the proposed content and the hazardous nature of the association. Certainly, by sponsoring a popular series of reports, a brand benefits from its popularity. However, it can not be sure of being able to capitalize on this popularity and the obvious mention of the sponsor may appear as a crude product placement.

How branded entertainment can solve branded content’s problems?

The biggest advantage of Branded entertainment is that it is often developed in order to perfectly fit the brand and to enhance it. This is the case, for example, of the movie The Lego Movie which offered a huge advertisement to the brand of toys without even seeming to do so. As a result, the company experienced tremendous growth in sales and several films in this universe were developed afterwards.

Branded entertainment solves the crisis of audience attention by placing marketing intentions at the heart of the story (through a character, a universe, a setting, etc.), but it also solves the problem of product placement. Why ? Because when the branded entertainment is well done, which could have been associated with product placement in branded content, is now an essential part of the scenario. The viewer no longer perceives it as an advertisement.

Branded entertainment market is booming

Branded entertainment is a quite new market. However, it has been continuously booming for the past 6 years, knowing a 10% growth every year. Why such enthusiasm around branded entertainment? Precisely because it responds perfectly to the difficulties faced by companies and branding agencies.

The branded entertainment allows to bypass the new reflexes of inattention of the spectators, but also to build a strong and mastered brand image. With branded entertainment, the art of storytelling for brands enters new dimensions.

Faced with these huge opportunities and the lack of original creations in the branded entertainment sector, Triality has obviously seized the opportunity. The company is currently in discussion with several brands and several branding agencies, to develop new and innovative branded entertaining concepts.

This is an important opportunity for Triality, which has the ambition to seize a still young and not yet over-exploited market, but it is also a major opportunity for this market and all the brands that hoped to see this kind of solution getting developed. For them, Triality is the ideal solution.


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