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Why does Triality develop branded content?

Branded content is a huge market in which audiovisual creation meets the imperatives of communication and marketing. While consumers have never been so exposed to advertising images of all kinds, branded content is a clever and original way to help a brand stand out. Yet, the sector suffers from a significant lack of original content creators.

A Growing Need for Original Content

Branded content is booming. Thanks to branding entertainment, it is promised to a bright future, as the market will continue to grow for many more years. Yet this growth within reach is dramatically slowed down by the lack of quality original content on the market as branding agencies are currently having a hard time finding the writers and creators of branded content.

Indeed, while branding agencies are all able to meet the expectations of their customers by producing quality content, they rarely have the resources to create original content. However, the creation of original content is precisely the main strength of Triality and its 70 writers in 10 countries. Thanks to them, the company can write in 11 different languages and adapt any content for at least as many cultures.

A first collaboration between Triality and Yam 112003

In 2019, Triality’s management team became aware of this lack and need in the branded content world. Triality has therefore developed several concepts which it then presented to several specialized branding agencies in Italy. This is how Triality began working on its first branded content project with one of the Italian branch of Endemol Shine: Yam 112003.

Since then, Triality has been in contact with other major Italian branding companies, including Viacom and Publitalia as well as in other locations worldwide through the collaboration of its local division producers. As it slowly turns over some of its earliest division leaders to reflect the new reality of Triality, it creates the opportunity to spread its branded content worldwide.

Discussions on the development of several of its branded content projects are underway and should be completed in the coming months. Great news for Triality, but also for the branding agencies and the customer brands.

A promising future for Triality and the branded content market

2019 has been a year full of experiments and new ideas for Triality. The world of branded content has emerged as one of the most promising sectors for the future development of the company. Italy, as a start, has been particularly receptive to the arguments of Triality’s sales team, but there is no doubt that the same need exists everywhere else in the world; it just need to have it presented to the right channels.

The year 2020 will see the beginning of an international expansion for Triality new branding concepts. It will also be the year where we see Triality’s branded content come to life, thanks to the help of its branding agencies partners.

In addition, Triality intends to take full advantage of the important wave currently taking place in the sector with the growth of branded entertainment. And it will do that through external partnerships as well as through the use of its local producers.


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