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Create Your Character inside the Triality World

Just as in the real world, the Triality World is populated with individuals from different countries, speaking different languages, and working in different fields. That is why creating a Triality World character is open to all screenwriters and all fiction writers, around the world.

This is also a chance for you to be part of the parallel world and its economy, as characters that will grow will then be seed-branded by a company (regional, national or international). Part of these revenues will be returned to you (the creator) for as long as the character exists, inside this universe. Even if they are part of other stories, which you would not be writing, the branding revenue percentage that goes to the writer, for this particular character, will always be paid to you.  


All characters that move beyond "live storytelling" successfully, will then be inserted in a tv series/film, either based on them and the story you suggested at the initial phase, or inserted into another, already in pre-production. Either way, you will be involved in the writing and benefit from a part of the script budget. 


Below is a map of the development that every screenwriter/writer will be involved in. You can also click on the link at the bottom of the page, to open a Word document explaining the various steps, from being accepted insie Triality's IPN (International Production Network) to completing a full loop with a character, and starting again with a new one.


- All characters help the others grow
- If your character is used in other series - you get revenues
- Low investment / High gain potential
- Entry into the economy of the Parallel World
- Entry into the IPN (International network)
Characters TW (1).jpg

Gray Circles = Screenwriters/Writers work
Red Triangles = Triality management work 
Black Rectangles = Actors work

WORD Document

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