They came, they saw... but they weren't remembered

Historical Anthology Series

Languages: English + language of the episode's country 

Countries: 6 / 1 per episode 

Writers: David Stram / Simon Warne / Jessica Van Campen / Elena Gamba / 

Albert Jamae / Ho Sung Cheon



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The Power Struggle

They always thought one of them would take over the company they work for - They never thought they'd have to fight each other for the job...


Language: English

Country: Any

Writer: Liz Coward

Based on an original idea by:

Luc JG Bégin and Simon Warne




Parfois le passé prend précédent sur le présent.


Langue : français

Pays : France, Belgique ou Suisse 

Episodes : 6 x 50 minutes 

Scénariste : David Stram



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Quelqu'un veut détruire les piliers de la France mais seul un journaliste semble s'en apercevoir. Parviendra-t-il à découvrir qui se cache derrière cette attaque avant qu'il ne soit trop tard?


Langue: Français

Pays: France

Episodes: 8 x 50 minutes

Scénariste: Luc JG Bégin




Sometimes, all it takes is an ad in the paper to awake the killer in all of us.


Languages: English

Country: Any 

Writer: Dave Bloustein


African Masai in Traditional Dress


The tale of a modern African prince and his quest to find the right balance between traditions and changes.

Political Drama

Language: English

Country: Ghana and UK 

Story by: Luc JG Bégin and Sacut Amenga-Etego


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How powerful are corporations today? Enough to place someone in power at the very top position... and enough to have them killed when they don't fit their objectives anymore...

Political Thriller

Language: English

(Plus German, Russian and Chinese)

Country: South Africa, Germany,

Russia, China and USA

Story by: Luc JG Bégin and Byron Loker

Writer: Byron Loker


Night Sky


Waiting for the Day to End

Viktor thinks his parent’s death in a car crash, when he was three, was no accident. What he, his friend Moira and a few other kids will discover, goes way beyond what he imagined…

Spy / Youth Thriller

Language: Italian (Plus English)

Country: Italy

Story by: Andrea Traina and

Luc JG Bégin

Writer: Andrea Traina


House in the Woods


A man is bewitched by a woman, as he visits a house that calls him, for reasons he doesn't understand... not yet anyway.

Horror / Fantasy

Language: English

Story by: Luc JG Bégin and

Selene Favuzzi


Treatment: Simon Warne

Writer: Adrienne Bortoli 

Christmas Spirit



Five celibate friends between  55 and 65 decide to live together, so they can care for each other in their old age. However, when one of them dies, a younger man, enamored with one of the girls, enters the house so they can pay the bill... How will this all play out?

Comedy / Drama

Language: English (and other languages)

Country: Sweden

Original idea by: Kristin Greiner

Original story by: Luc JG Bégin


Young Woman Lying in Bed Wearing Lingeri


When a battered wife runs away, leaving everything she owns and knows behind, she discovers freedom in the most unsuspected way.


Language: Italian 

Country: Italy

Writer: Davide Vigore

Based on a story by: Luc JG Bégin