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The Mythology

The Past and Fantasy of the Triality World

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The Triality

Drama / Thriller

Luc JG Bégin

Based on an original story called

"The Book of L&M" 

by Luc JG Bégin & Selene Favuzzi 

The eternal love story of Lucifer and the Maiden, lived through two humans who found ultimate love through the complete union of their mind, heart and body.

Languages: English /

French / Italian

Countries: Italy /



Beautiful Nature

Lucifer & The Maiden
in the Beginning...


Luc JG Bégin

The origin of the Triality World

Language: English 

Countries: Unkown 


The Center of The World

Historical Documentary / Fantasy

Idea by Luc JG Bégin

and Piera Stefania Arfo

An Australian historian is called to the island of Sicily by unknown forces. Ten years later, he remains on the land, in search of the history of The Triality

Languages: Italian / English

Country: Italy

Episodes: 6 x 50 minutes


Our House

Historical Drama / Fantasy / Horror

Adrienne Bortoli 

A witch is locked inside a house for centuries, until she finds a way out, thanks to a stranger who knocked on her door. 

Languages: German / English

Country: Germany

Episodes: 8 x 50 minutes

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What Survives You

Horror / Psychological drama

Désirée Nordlund

When her husband dies in a car crash, a woman revisits her life and goes from profound joy to desperation, unsure what their life together was really about.

Language: English 

Country: Northern Europe


Reincarnation Revenge

Horror & Religious Drama

Stephen Atalebe

The soul of an African spiritual leader, sacrificed to the Gods, find its way into the body of an Indian baby, born in Africa. Now, it needs to go back and avenge him.

Language: English /

African dialect

Countries: India / Ghana


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