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The Professionals

The Next Generation of Influencers


The Adventures of the Nutritionist

Theme: Food

A nutritionist participates in conventions and conferences, where she finds herself having to counsel industry leaders and chefs

The Life Coach

Themes: Welness / Health / Sport

A behavioral psychologist finds real-life solutions to her patient’s problems, as she receives them in her countryside home office.

Gym Equipments

Made in Italy*

* any country

Theme: Sucessful Companies

A university teacher goes back in time, to meet with founders of  important companies, before teaching students' what he's learned.

The Bartender's Tales

Theme: Alcohol

A bartender, in a hotel bar, entertains his guests by telling them stories about the next country they are heading to.

Bartender Pouring Cocktail
Hair Salon

The Hairdresser's Secrets

Themes: Fashion, Beauty & Cosmetics

Want to know who did what in the world of beauty & fashion? Watch as the Hairdresser tells all, to his favorite clients!

The Tech Detectives

Theme: Technology

Looks can be deceiving. That’s the reality with this “wannabe” super detective couple working in the world of technology.

Prosthetic Hand

Around the World with Laura & Ethan*

* Different names in each country

Theme: Travelling

Share a modern power couple's life, as they  travel the world, developing their business, and enjoying all that life has to offer.

The Reviewer

Themes: Real Estate & Design 

The Reviewer is the know-it-all in the world of housing and design, as people read her column inside the “Home”magazine.

Luxurious Home
Carpentry Work

The Help

Themes: Home Improvement / DIY

The Wandering Helper goes from town to town, helping out people with their various projects at hand.

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