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Dario Grilli

Marketing & Communication Director


365° knowledge

Dario is a savvy marketer with almost twenty years of experience in the management and enhancement of communication projects on global brands of the movie industry, like Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Harry Potter, Lord of The Rings and many others.


With a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the Bocconi University in Milan, over his long career in Warner Bros, Dario has been able to manage all the business lines of the Entertainment market, from the Home Video physical product to the digital distribution, landing to the Theatrical division, thus consolidating his deep knowledge of the audio-visual product.


His transversal experience combined with his analytical and quantitative problem-solving skills, and the constant research of effective strategies grounded in data and insights, represent his fundamental asset to implement successful marketing campaigns.


Passionate about cinema, his dream has always been to find the last piece of the puzzle and complete his professional background, working for a production company and entering the control rooms where the “stories” come to life.

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