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The Parallel World
An entirely new economy... for brands to benefit from  

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a world with its own history

The Triality World possess its own history, including a mythology, a past, a present and a future. 

It is already filled by characters living inside its realm, encountering through various stories with one leading to another, and another, and another... just like in our world, with new characters joining in as it grows.

a new world

co-habiting ours

The Triality World blends into our world seamlessly. It comes in through the virtual door and insinuates itself into our streets. Anything that exists already can be doubled in a different way, with new players in place, in a real economy aimed at the "citizens" of the Triality World.


The Triality World is a parallel world made of

« Ordinary Men and Women, 
leading Extraordinary Lives » 

Living through 
Interactive Entertainment Content
creating an emotional attachment with the audience
benefiting the brands they are attached to

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NEw brand names & locations

As new characters appear inside the Triality World, they create whole new opportunities for brands and companies to launch themselves or to exist under a new name. Clothes manufacturers, financial consultancy firms, bars, airlines and more, will come to life, fueled by the growth of the character it attaches itself to.

A community

Based on the eternal values of love, liberty and personal growth, the Triality World gathers a community that wants to be entertained by the characters of the world. But they can also interact with them and take their own place inside this universe,  becoming who they want to be, virtually but also physically, in this real world.

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