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The Power Balance

The Fight between the Children of Lucifer and Adam

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Operation "D"


Byron Locker

How powerful are corporations today? Enough to place someone in power at the very top position... and then have them killed when they don't fit their objectives anymore.

Languages: English / German / Chinese / Russian 

Countries: International


Episodes: 8 x 50 minutes

Graphic Crimes


Andrea Traina

Viktor thinks his parent’s death in a car crash, when he was three, was no accident. What he, his friend Moira and a few other kids will discover, goes way beyond what he ever imagined…

Languages: Italian /


Country: Italy

Episodes: 8 x 50 minutes

French Flag


Political Thriller

Luc JG Bégin

Someone wants to destroy the pillars of France, but only a journalist seems to notice. Will he be able to find out who is behind this attack before it's too late?

Language: French

Country: France

Episodes: 8 x50 minutes

The Power Struggle


Liz Coward

They always thought one of them would take over the company they work for - They never thought they'd have to fight each other for the job...

Language: English

Country: UK

Episodes: 8 x 50 minutes

Plane on Runway
News studio

The 4th Power 


Idea by Luc JG Bégin

A look behind the fourt power inside the Triality World: TW News. 

A world where the balance of power is sometimes acquired in the basement

and where accusations aren't always fair.

Language: English

Country: UK

Episodes: 8 x 50 minutes

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