IPN (International Production Network)

Triality's IPN is a group of selected companies from the cinematic / audio-visual industry, participating in the creation of exclusive international content written by Triality's 70+ screenwriters worldwide. The network of co-producers shares revenues & rights of the content on a project basis as well as on a global scale through IPN's fund.

It also innovates by bringing the brands (and brand agencies) inside the network, so that they can take part of the production process through the IPN's annual meeting and share their knowledge with all co-producers partners. This will enable Triality's IPN and Triality Productions, to write and produce stronger scenarios by understanding the viewers from different perspectives AND on an international level.

Once the network will be moving at full speed (by the end of 2022), these partners will be co-producing Triality content at a rhythm of fifty (50) productions per year. Something no other network, studio or production companies in the world can do. Triality's IPN will be able to do so by financing each project separately (with those involved in it) and globally (through IPN's fund). 

Members of the IPN include

Productions Companies


Casting Agencies


Network /  Channels

Schools (cinema / musical)

Publishing Houses



Studios (film/music)


Talent Agencies


Brand Agencies


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