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The Musicals

Singing & dancing inside the Triality World


The Ama Zone

Comedy / Drama

Alfredo Arciero / Enrico Caroti Ghelli

Disillusioned by men, a woman kidnaps girls to protect and hide them inside The Ama Zone. The return of her niece, and her beau, threatens to tear the house down.

Language: English 

Country: To be determined


The Line

Love Drama

Oscar Moreno

Brought together by music, separated by the US/Mexican border, a young couple battle
rumour and jealousy to keep their love alive.

Languages: English / Spanish

Countries: Mexico / USA


San Cristobal de las Casas
Colorful Buildings

La Cubana

Comedy / Drama

Luc JG Bégin / Selene Favuzzi

The grass is always greener on your neighbour's lawn. Or maybe not...

Language: English /


Countries: USA /

Canada / Cuba


Casanova's Women

Sensual Drama

Simon Warne

A couple holidays in Venice and learns lessons in love from the women behind the world's greatest lover.

Language: English / Italian

Countries: Italy / UK



Run, Baby Run

Love Comedy / Drama

Story By Luc JG Bégin

When love strikes between an Italian man and a Brazilian woman, deciding where to live becomes a battle of will.

Language: English / Portuguese / Italian

Countries: Brazil / Italy


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