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Introducing David Gaillard, Triality’s New Communication Manager

Since Triality is growing faster and faster, the growth of the management team has to follow. Last September, David Gaillard was appointed as Communication Manager. As Triality will soon launch its first ever fundraising, a good communication had become essential to make sure everything was ready. David has brought all of his various skills to help Triality develop its communication strategies.

A Methodical and Versatile Writer

David was one of the first screenwriters to join Triality when it was first created by Luc JG Bégin. He is a methodical and versatile writer who had then just made his first steps in the movie industry as a script doctor on a French production (Spread Your Wings, directed by Nicolas Vanier). He developed a French TV show for Triality and then kept working with Luc on various projects.

He is a methodical and versatile writer who can write about almost anything and in every possible way. He likes to study a subject from every angle in order to decide which is the most interesting for the purpose to be achieved. As a Communication Manager, David’s writing qualities will enhance Triality's visibility and ensure that it reaches its target.

How to communicate the full scope of Triality in a clear and easy way

Since he has been appointed, David and the rest of the management team have been working hard on every aspect of the company’s communication to make sure it reflects Triality's reality. Triality is an innovative company with a large scope of activities and it does present quite a challenge to present it as effectively as succinctly.

A good communication is like telling a story: In order to keep your audience attentive, you need to find the rights words and the right tempo. Too much communication and you'll lose them; not enough and you won't be efficient. David is making sure Triality finds the right balance.

Helping Build the International Production Network

As our Head of Development had to take a sudden leave of absence, David also stepped in temporarily to help Luc JG Bégin in building Triality’s International Production Network. As the IPN grows, communication with its members will become a very important part of its success and the knowledge that David is acquiring by helping in its development will be helpful on that front.

With all the wonderful challenges to come, Triality is glad to welcome David Gaillard in its management team and we wish him the very best during his stay with us.

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