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The Musical Series

As Triality Content was growing, a few specificities appeared that weren’t planned at the beginning such as the Luxury Series and the seed branding. What was always planned however was “the Musical Series”.

Luc JG Bégin had in mind of creating a series of films that would be played by the same cast but with completely different stories and genres. After meeting with a lot of specialists from the field of musicals, it became clear that the idea of a “one-cast-fits-all” was not a good one. But the concept remained and now a few of these musicals are currently in the pre-production process and/or at the writing phase.

Episode 1: The Ama Zone

This story, once again, starts in Italy. Two of Triality writers (Alfredo Arciero and Enrico Caroti Ghelli) chose to work on the synopsis of The Ama Zone and, under the supervision of Italy’s Head Writer at the time (Selene Favuzzi) and Luc JG Bégin, they began the writing process.

The Ama Zone is a modern rock feminist dystopia in the genre of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”. This was not an easy task and it took many versions to get to a script that was satisfying enough to start the lyrics and music composition. To that purpose, Luigi Maiello was added as a composer and he worked with both Luc JG Bégin and Selene Favuzzi (who by then was Head of Development for Triality) to write the music on their ideas and lyrics.

Simon Warne, the International Director of Screenwriters, who has written a few musicals that were brought to stage, has been the key to ensure that the project is heading in the right direction.

Coming up: La Cubana by Pablo Barrera, Luc JG Bégin and Selene Favuzzi

Unpredictability is something that is part of the creation process. This is what happened with “La Cubana” which went from a B-Project to being thrown in the limelight. After an amazing meeting with Mark and Massimo from Cristaldi Film, the idea of collaboration on La Cubana was put forth. The problem was that “La Cubana” was not to be shot in Europe and made that co-production not very useful. But Mark was kind enough to direct the sales team to a Canadian company who loved the project’s treatment of Pablo Barrera, Luc JG Bégin and Selene Favuzzi.

The Canadian company asked Triality to find a Canadian / South or Central American Director which lead us to Jaime Escalon who also really liked the treatment and accepted to be along for the ride. La Cubana is currently in its development phase and moving along.


This musical was written by one of our partners inside the IPN, Simone Nardini of MTS – The Musical School. He had been thinking of turning the play into a film for a while now and when he showed the sales team the trailer of the play, they both loved it and accepted to bring it inside the musical series. We are currently in the translation / adaptation of the play for the movie version.

Simone and the MTS Musical School are also working with Triality on The Ama Zone as they will be preparing the costumes and choreography for one of the song to be shot as a teaser video at the school with some of their students.

Casanova’s Women

Last but certainly not least, Casanova’s Women is one of Simon Warne’s plays. It is always important to start a series strong but it is just as crucial, if not more, to end it by a script that will entice the viewers to want to see more again in a second season.

This story of Casanova, seen through the eyes of the women he loved, ends this series as it began since it is focussing on the women’s point of view, just like in The Ama Zone. It brings a new life into this well-known story of love.

Triality is still in the process of finding the right co-production for this project as it looks to start production of the whole series in 2020.


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