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Nomination of Sacut Amenga-Etego as Director of Triality Africa

Triality Productions is happy to announce the appointment of Sacut Amenga-Etego as Director of Triality Africa.

Sacut is a product of the Ghana institute of journalism and he has been practicing as journalist and editorialist for 15 years in Ghana (birth country), from where he will be leading the development of the Triality World for the African continent. He spent the last two years in Europe, perfecting his skill, and studying studio narration at the United POP Academy of media and the Arts in Amsterdam, NL and at the International University of languages and the media (IULM) Milan, Italy for a master’s degree in Strategic Communication. He will be responsible for finding new talents (screenwriters, DOPs, directors, actors, etc.), managing the creation of the Triality projects written in his territory, developing relations with the most important brands and finding the right distribution partner in each country for the Triality world platform. He will respond directly to the Founder and President of Triality Productions, Luc JG Bégin, with whom he will create, plan and supervise the writing and production of the Triality Africa projects.

Luc JG Bégin and Sacut Amanga-Etego

The first three scripts are already in the process of creation. The central one will be a series called "The Prince" and will involve Nicola Kafata, Il Consigliere from the series of the same name. The second one is temporarily named “Out of Control” and will be a political thriller (also a series) while the last one is currently known as “Reincarnation Revenge” and will be a horror film based on African religious beliefs and traditions. We are looking forward to a long, fulfilling and fruitful relationship with him and wish him the very best.


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